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Eddie S. Longman, DDS

Alexandria Old Town Dental


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Dave M.

Dec 19, 2017

Relatively new to the area and chose Old Town Dental based on recommendations.

Dr. Goldhush was the person doing my work. Very professional, good service and excellent​ attention to detail. The only thing that keeps me from giving 5 stars is cost.



Ana B.

Feb 1, 2017

It is always a pleasure to come o Dr. Longman’s office.

The staff is pleasant and professional. Everyone speaks to you and asks if they can be of help.



Allen F.

Mar 31, 2016

I hadn’t been to the dentist in a few years and when asked why I said “I haven’t had any problems until now”.

I had a filling break off and leave a jagged edge that I had sliced the side of my tongue on. I called and made an appointment for the first available time slot a few days away. Then, I stopped eating hot or cold foods, I worried about the costs, I worried that there maybe other issues, I worried about possible loss of work time. LoL. It went well. It went so well that I am writing this. The filling was reground and refilled and when I had walked out a few hours later, all the worry and stress of a broken tooth had been replaced by gratitude that things were taken care of properly. When I awoke the next morning, it was as if the broken tooth never happened and my life reassumed it’s course. Thank you Doctor Longman.



Janet H.

Nov 9, 2015

I’ve been coming to Old Town Dental for about 10 years now.

Dr. Longman is a personable, experienced dentist who cares about his patients’ comfort and well-being. He has a gentle touch, and I rarely ever feel even a pinch when he anesthetizes my mouth. The hygienists I’ve met have all been very nice and professional, and I especially enjoy talking with Blanca and Jackie. The office offers Saturday appointments, which are a great convenience since I live in Alexandria but work thirty miles south, making weekday appointments difficult.

Like other reviewers have stated, services are pricey (although I haven’t personally compared them with other area dentists’ prices), and I wish the front office staff were more helpful about making payment arrangements (as one major procedure can max out a year’s worth of dental benefits). The only other negative is parking. Spaces in the building’s tiny lot are limited, although I usually find space on the adjacent residential streets (2-hour limit) with no problem. There is also paid parking on Washington Street, but be aware that parking isn’t allowed during rush hour.

In sum, I would recommend Old Town Dental to others seeking dental care.



Chamille O.

Aug 11, 2015

I’ve been going here since I first moved to the area several years ago and my experiences here have been nothing but the best.

The front staff is very friendly always greeting me by my name and with a smile. I always joke around with Tommy the cool office manager. Dr. Goldhush or “Dr. G” as I call her, is such a sweet jewel! She and her assistant Angela are a great duo and they’re sure to keep you laughing. Dr. G does a really good job of explaining procedures and recommendations. I’ve even had my wisdom teeth extracted by Dr. Peper. I was extremely nervous about him not recommending anesthesia and he was nice enough to call me in a prescription for some valium to calm my nerves….it worked too! Altogether, this office team does a really good job which is why I’ve been coming for years.



Robert P.

Apr 15, 2015

Dr. Pham & Karen always do an exceptionally outstanding job with perfection & passion for excellence!!

Their office staff is unparalleled! Dr. Eddie Longman knows how to pick ultimate winners!



Sta J.

Mar 13, 2015

I had my first few appointments with the short asian lady dentist.

She is so very sweet but she is so rough and it hurt so much just getting fillings (or was it a crown??) that I was going to look elsewhere. My husband asked me did I tell the lead dentist Dr. Longman. I hadn’t and my husband was right that I should at least let him know why I was going elsewhere.

Dr. Longman went out of his way to see me again and relook the situation and he was so very careful not to be painful. In my opinion- he rocks. It’s been almost 3.5 years and I’m still going to him. People compliment me on my smile and I give him credit. Best of all- he’s open available some Saturdays so I don’t have to take off from work.



Alice D.

Jul 12, 2014

A very productive visit.

I was promptly and courtesy received. Excellent, professional work on my night guard, from Dr. Phan! Front desk office assistant-Fallan is very helpful in scheduling next visit and explaining my dental insurance to me. She is very knowledgeable, professional and pleasant. Always a pleasure to receive dental support here!



Amanda S.

Oct 17, 2013

Love this place!!

Everyone is friendly. You are treated like family. Everything moves along in a timely fashion. They have you in and out for a regular cleaning. The staff and dentists are very knowledgable. I usually see Dr. Phan. She is amazing and really cares. I highly recommend this place!


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Cynthia S.

Sep 04, 2013

I was first referred to Dr. Goldhush several years ago for my daughter.

I have since taken all of my kids there and she is incredible with them – so good with fillings that the kids hardly realized what was happening. She is absolutely great. I also see Dr. Phan who I really like and who makes going to the Dentist far less terrible. I have never had to wait more than a few minutes and they have very flexible hours for appointments. The hygienists are all nice and gentle. I have had some billing issues over the years, as some of the earlier posters complained about, but I’ve always worked it out, and haven’t been pressured for any additional services. I’ve since tried another dentist office awhile back when I had switched insurance for a period, but after a terrible experience at the other place (Bright Now on Duke) both in terms of billing, doctor personality and scheduling ended up coming back to Old Town Dental where I’ll probably stay.



Rachel K.

Jun 5, 2013

Wow, I first reviewed this place 5 years ago?

Look, these guys are a class act. I apparently had some scheduling issue the first time I went, but not since. I do notice I usually sit in the waiting room for about 10-15 minutes upon arrival, but that’s not a huge deal.They have added a fourth dentist to the lineup..some guy whose name escapes me right now. He’s a sort of aggressive “drill and fill” sorta dude and I’m not sure what to think about him, but Dr. Goldhush is awesome.



Lori C.

May 1, 2013

I love this place.

Dr. Phan is the best. She took care of a cracked tooth for me and made an amazing crown for it. This is my third crown but my first from her. I can say it is the best crown I have ever had.

I agree with Natasha S. and her review- Dr. Phan is also the best dentist I have ever had.



Sunshine B.

Mar 20, 2013

Dr. Anh-Minh Phan was the best!

I hate the dentist… and usually only end up there when its an emergency (dumb, I know!) I had a severely infected tooth and very very painfully swollen jaw & gums. Dr. Phan was amazing, she was kind and very efficient. This was the best dental experience I have ever had and I will be going back.




Jun 12, 2012

I would certainly recommend this office!

I can not say enough great things about this practice. This is my first dentist in the DMV area and I was very pleased with how friendly and professional all staff members were. I would certainly recommend this office!



Beth G.

Mar 5, 2012

I am a big fan and will be going back!

As a non-dentist fan, I was leery to go to a new practice. I asked my students in my class at NVCC for a recommendation. One of the students bravely volunteered this practice’s name. I called on a Thursday and they were able to get me on their schedule that same Saturday. Yep, as in two days after I called. I hadn’t been to the dentist for more than two years because my previous dentist had gone on permanent maternity leave.

The hygenist Yanci was so incredibly gentle. I normally hurt and have a lot of bleeding when I go there. She let me know, that I had a small mouth and too many teeth. (I already knew that, despite what my mother says!) The recommended an oral surgeon to take out my last dentist. I am a big fan and will be going back!

Thank you Old Town Dental!



Stuart M.

Jul 27, 2011

I have been a patient of Dr. Longman for over 20 years, and I couldn’t be more pleased with his dentistry.

Dr. Longman has a great deal of expertise and experience. He is an excellent diagnostician and practitioner, and his “bedside manner” is most appreciated. I am very impressed with his imaging system, which allows me to view a full mouth x-ray on a laptop computer and to better understand Dr. Longman’s treatment recommendation. He is extremely conscious of costs, and he is most fair and reasonable in his pricing. I give my highest recommendation to Dr. Longman.



Lyndsie P.

Jul 27, 2011

I had to see Dr. Longman in an emergency situation.

I had not been to the dentist in several years and had moved back home from college. Dr. Longman had been my sister’s general dentist for many years. He saw me immediately and help my tooth from hurting as much as it did, put me on an antibiotic and a painkiller. He also made me an appointment for the next day with his hygienist. I recieved quality care and was thankful for his help. I now go to the dentist every 6 months.



Rasheika R.

Jun 15, 2011

I have been to many dental office and you guys are definitely the best I have ever had.

The people there seems to genuinely care about their patients and their well being and not about how much money they can take from me. I love all of the dentist and their staff they are the best.



Mark W.

Jun 14, 2011

I just moved into the area and, unfortunately, needed a dentist.

(cracked my tooth on a cherry pit). My father-in-law is a dentist in the Norfolk area so I asked him for a recommendation. He told me to go see Dr. Longman at Old Town Dental. I have nothing but good things to say. Even though I was a brand new patient, they made room for me right away because I had an emergency situation. The staff was very professional and Dr. Longman was amazing. No pain at all while he fitted me for a temporary crown. I am a little scared of dentists anyway (except for my father-in-law of course) but the whole experience put me completely at ease. I already called my wife and told her to use Dr. Longman for our kids too. I am lucky enough to have dental insurance through my office and they took it so I don’t know anything about pricing. (Delta Dental)



Sanjay S.

Oct 29, 2009

At effeceint as it gets.

I was there for the first time for a simple cleaning and checkup.

Filled out the usual forms and gave them the insurance card. On verification, the office got back a detailed breakdown of benefits. Their intake person went over it with me and explained what is covered, what is not. This is not a posh or fancy place. A busy practice, but is run quite effeciently. The hygenist and the dentist were professional and seem to know what they were doing. No fuss, no upsell for teeth whitening and even complimented the oral surgeon who did my implants.


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S W.

Apr 23, 2009

I’ve been going to Dr. Longman at Old Town Dental for several years.

It’s a little pricy but they are all really nice and the Dr. is great at avoiding as much pain as possible. I grind my teeth pretty badly and he has been fantastic in trying to keep my teeth healthy. Highly recommend!



Rachel K.

May 9, 2008

Yeah, so, these people kept sending flyers with coupons to my apartment.

I thought I should be a little leery of any dentist that has to advertise that much, but after 6 months here and still no dental insurance, I bit the bullet and decided to take them up on their $79 new patient special. I made an appointment, showed up, and found out that oops–the receptionist I’d talked to didn’t actually make an appointment for me! (This is why four stars rather than five.) I hung out for a few minutes while they scrambled to find space for my irate ass, and I guess they convinced a hygienist to work overtime or something, because pretty soon I was sitting in the chair waiting for pain.

The hygienist was quite good and there wasn’t nearly as much horrible suffering as I had gone through with my last dentist. When the dentist (I saw Wanda Goldhush; the office has three dentists) arrived, she was very knowledgeable and seemed honest. I’ll definitely be back, but hopefully I’ll have insurance by then.